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Prosoft Financials


Financial Management System

Over two and a half decades of ongoing research and development form the foundation of ProSoft’s Fund Accounting Software. The application utilized input from school district personnel when designing everything from the easy-to-use menus to the layout of individually designed state mandated reports.

ProSoft Financials can produce customized reports that track:

  • PDE 2057 - AFR
  • PDE 2028 - Annual Budget Report
  • GASB 45
  • 1099 & W-2 Forms
  • PIMS Compliant
  • PSERS - NPAS Reporting

Many other reports have been designed specifically to meet user needs: Accounts Payable Report, a historical Budget Comparison Report, a Treasurer’s Report, a Trial Balance and even a Profit/Loss Statement.

Moreover, the system is tightly integrated with the optional ProSoft Online Requisition Software, which was created to simplify the requisition process. The software is an easy to use electronic requisition that eliminates data redundancy throughout your organization. There is no need to re-enter vendor and account information, as all this information will come directly from the accounting system. Once the requisition is approved through a multi-level hierarchy, the requisition can be printed as a purchase order and will automatically update the accounting system by encumbering the appropriate accounts.

Other financial school management software available:

  • Budgeting Preparation
  • Salary Budgeting
  • Requisitions
  • Payroll
  • Human Resources
  • ACT 48 Tracking
  • Employee Time Management (Electronic Time Clocks)
  • Employee Web Portal
  • Bid Tabulation & Analysis
  • Accounts Receivables
  • Fixed Asset Database

Time Management

Prosoft’s Time Management system is the perfect tool for tracking employee hours worked, adjusting and approving hours as well as streamlining the information directly into Payroll. It is comprehensive because it supports all employees, regardless of how they are paid: salaried, hourly or daily. Still another advantage is that teachers can “clock-in/out” for special jobs, based on extra assigned pay codes, outside of their normal workweek.

Additionally, Time Management offers several ways for employees to “clock-in/out”; every district can choose what works best at your site. Employees can use a simple workstation with a browser, a great advantage to employees that use a workstation throughout the day. For employees that don’t spend much time on a computer, consider using a touch screen placed in an “easy access” location to collect information. Employee ID cards with a bar code or secure RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) cards and can be used to provide quick entry of “clock-in/out” records.

Supervisors and building principals can access and approve hours worked for their staff on any given day. All earnings records are automatically sent to payroll when hours are approved.